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General Questions

We have been working on the GuardianGamer project since april 2020.

Our mission " is guiding children on behalf of parents/legal guardians into a safe online experience by monitoring the online conversations, building self regulating habits , modeling behaviors and supporting the gaming skills and attitudes/behaviors that contribute to their development as online and socially responsible gamers."

It is as easy a 123:

  1. make an account
  2. find your Guardian Gamer and book time
  3. enjoy the gaming.

GuardianGamer encourages positive gaming habits in children while also bridging the gap between parent and child. During a gaming session your child will embark on a gaming adventure with the guardian of your choice. The guardian will assist, encourage, and empower the child while actively participating in the game. After the adventure all of our GuardianGamers compile a brief overview of the game activities including screenshots from the session

If you care about what your child experiences online, and you want to have more insight into the games they play and who they play with, GuardianGamer is here to help you with that

Yes. You need a webbrowser to make an account and start your booked sessions.

Yes. If you do not have a PC, because that might come handy, because you need to login with your web browser, you need to get one. Although you could also use your phone for that purpose if your only way to play games is a game console.

All major online gaming platforms are supported. However most games we think will be supported are cross platform, it is possible you end up in a situation where your child has selected a GuardianGamer who doesn’t support the game and platform combination of your child's choice. You can always send the GuardianGamer an extra message to check if there could be an issue if you know this game isn’t cross platform.

GuardianGamer is a company founded during the year 2020 by Heidi Vogel. Currently a small team of people is running it. GuardianGamer has been founded by engaging parents. GuardianGamer’s founder saw the need for being involved in their child's online gamelife. The founder as a child: “Yes, she played video games a lot !” They had in her childhood a Commodore64 at home and that machine was beyond her imagination. It got her inspired to go to study computer science after high school. Her son is the inspiration behind GuardianGamer. He is quite a gamer, although he is only 11 years old, he knows the online world in and out already. Nowadays with Covid it is his social outlet, besides other outdoor activities , music lessons and online school he is on a schedule.

Equipment & Software

You need a PC or Mac with online access, a headset or other device capable of voice chat, and any console (PS5, Xbox, etc.) you are supporting. The GG GameRoom uses only the web browser to connect with your child.

GuardianGamer runs through a web browser so no additional software is required.


Click on the "Browse Guardians" button on the home page. Adjust the filter to search by date, price, or specific game. Select the guardian that best works for you and click on their profile. Now enter a date and click the ‘Request to Book’ button (You can find this on the right side of a GuardianGamer profile under ‘Book a session with…’). You will get a confirmation when the guardian accepts the booking.

GuardianGamer makes it possible for you as a parent to join in on the gaming session, just to say hi or ask whether your child has been matched up with the right GuardianGamer and hear what they are doing. Hopefully you will end up sitting in the GameRoom for a little while and experience the fun together or you could even suggest joining the gaming session and engage even more. However we advise you discuss this with your child first.

You should instruct your child to enter their gaming session by logging into your account and check the “Inbox” for booking.

So 5 minutes before the time of the booking 2 buttons appear, these are GG-Chatroom entry links and your only way to get into the GG chatroom.

No. At this time once a GuardianGamer has accepted a session there is no way to cancel it. If however, the GuardianGamer has not accepted the session you can cancel the request. We are working on making it possible to cancel sessions 2 hours ahead just in case you cannot make your planned gametime, for example because of an emergency or if your child is sick. Please send an email to our admin at guardian@guardiangamer.com, and we will assess the booking.

Each session is booked in 1 hour increments, so the minimum booking time is 1 hour. There is no maximum.

No. Currently the system does not support modifying a confirmed session.

It is confirmed once a GuardianGamer accepts your booking request.

The pin you should add because you do not want your child to change or add credit card information.

Each guardiangamer is verified using several steps of assessment, including an onboarding interview with one of our certifiers. There all the GG-ers are being questioned on their moral compass and competences to be able to guide these online sessions appropriately. We here at GuardianGamer aim for safety first when it comes to selecting who can become a verified GuardianGamer on our platform. Some of the steps to become a GuardianGamer include: identity verification and a background check.

No. There will be no interaction other than the monitored time on a booking. Your child will not be able to contact a GuardianGamer directly or vice versa if there is no active booking. Also it isn’t possible for other people to be in the GG-Chatroom with your child , the communication channel is secure and only accessible by you , your child and the GuardianGamer.

Your child can game with their friends like they used to, but their friends will not be able to join the conversations in the GG-Chatroom. We recommend your child to invite their friends to also become a GuardianGamer user, because we might add in the future a possibility to invite a friend into your gaming session for existing users of GuardianGamer.

By sending an email to guardian@guardiangamer.com

Currently there is no way to cancel a session after it was booked. If however, a guardian does not accept the booking you are free to request a session from another guardian using the ‘browse a guardian’ feature. If a guardian accepts a session and does not show up for the booked session please contact us at guardian@guardiangamer.com.

Send us an email guardian@guardiangamer.com and report the name of the guardian and/or the situation.

Tipping is not required for guardians. If you would like to show your support to the GuardianGamer for a job well done please consider writing them a positive review after their completed session.


In the top right click on your GuardianGamer icon, from the dropdown menu select edit guardian profile, then select availability. You can modify this at any time.

Yes. There is a 20% transaction GuardianGamer fee.

In the top right click on your GuardianGamer icon, from the dropdown menu select edit guardian profile, then select gaming skills. You can now select which games you would like to monitor and then save your changes.

In the top right click on your GuardianGamer icon, from the dropdown menu select edit guardian profile, then select platforms. You can now select which gaming platforms you monitor and then save your changes.

In the top right click on your GuardianGamer icon, from the dropdown menu select edit guardian profile, then select pricing. You can now set your hourly rate and can change it at any time. Be sure to save your changes.

Your GuardianGamer profile is a reflection of your personality and your self marketing tool. Pictures of some of your gaming accomplishments, games you monitor, preferred hourly rate, and platforms you monitor are a few of the things required on your guardian profile. Tell us at guardian@guardiangamer.com if you have some new ideas, we will look into it to develop the feature you suggest.

While logged into your GuardianGamer profile, at the top right click on inbox. You will find your requested bookings under ‘bookings’. To accept a booking click on the request and hit ‘accept’.

No. The benefit of being a GuardianGamer is the freedom to set your own schedule, so you can accept or deny whichever requests that you like. Make sure your availability calendar is always up to date, so you are not disappointing any children.

Currently you have up until the time of the session to not accept the booking.

No. Currently there is no way to cancel a booking after it has been accepted.

It can differ per state. For example no sales tax online services are charged if you are a GuardianGamer you get the hourly rate you set minus the GGfee (20%). But stripe will handle that for you if your state requires a sales tax. Income tax differs per state and we advice you to talk with a local tax advisor or attorney for assessing your personal situation.