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Conversations on Gaming with Kids

Find out why and how gaming is impacting your family's life. Stop worrying now and start listening.

You will hear show host Sarah Lai Stirland talking with our founders, our GuardianGamers, parents on and off the platform, and experts in the field. Or look at our episode notes for more background information.


Episode #5

How Gaming Shapes Modern Parenting

During the pandemic kids started to game more, and parents realized they had to become a part of their world. Newzoo did research and asked gamers about the reasons why they play games. A third of 10-20-year-olds cite socializing as a major reason for playing. This is confirmed in this episode by Lorrie. You will hear a parent… Read more
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Episode #4

What Games Can Teach

Q&A with Dr. Karen (Kat) Schrier, Associate Professor/Director of Games and Emerging Media, Marist College on her book “We The Gamers.” Schrier talked to GuardianGamer about why she thinks games like Fortnite and Red Dead Redemption can be useful teaching tools.  Read more
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Episode #1

Arming you with the knowledge to protect your kids in games

These days, your child is as likely to find a new "friend" online in a game as in the playground. That's why many parents need some guidance on what the nature of these online worlds are, and who inhabits them. Read more
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